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Frequently Asked Questions About TitleEase Franchise 

  • What are the key advantages of a franchised title agency?
    Starting a business is hard enough without worrying about complex logistics and regulatory issues. The TitleEase Franchise simplifies starting, owning, and compliantly operating your own title company so you can get back in touch with what matters most- providing quality services for your customers. TitleEase already has an experienced management team that produces established and quality services as a franchise company. As a franchisee, you get all these benefits at a lower cost than if you build it yourself from scratch. In addition, you add value with your personality, relationships, and energy.
  • Who can take advantage of this terrific opportunity in owning a title agency franchise?
    A TitleEase Franchise may work for an existing title and closing provider, an attorney, a real estate professional, a mortgage lender or broker, or a bold, individual entrepreneur excited by the prospect of building her/his/their business in the real estate industry. Our all-inclusive System, provides all the tools you need to open, operate and grow your business.
  • What type of Training and Support will a franchisee receive?
    A TitleEase Franchise is a turnkey System that provides all the tools you need to open and operate your business, including our comprehensive Operations Manual that covers every aspect of opening and operating your title company. Our detailed training and expert coaching will take you through every phase of the setup, and thereafter TitleEase will be working side-by-side with you on every file, providing direction and guidance throughout the entire process.
  • Is financing available?
    Currently, TitleEase does not provide financing. Check our blog post about 7 ways to Finance a Franchise
  • What is a Franchise Disclosure and how do I obtain the document?
    The Franchise Disclosure Document is a legal disclosure document that must be given to qualified individuals interested in buying a U.S. franchise as part of the pre-sale due diligence process. The document contains information essential to potential franchisees about the opportunity to assist in making a significant investment decision.
  • Building Your Business
    Our System is a “blueprint” to help you quickly build your title and settlement services business by: Guiding your organization through the licensing process. Providing underwriter approval and agreements. Training you and your staff on all aspects of title and settlement processes, software usage and RESPA. Assisting you throughout the recruiting and hiring process by providing staffing models, detailed position descriptions, and our guide to best practices. Providing all necessary software licenses and technical support.
  • Operating Your Business
    Once your business is up and running our System is designed so that we work side-by-side with your team and provide direction and oversight on every file by: Devising and implementing customized workflows to maximize efficiencies and reduce timelines. Providing you our proprietary Operations Manual to guide you through every task and every function required to offer title and settlement services to your customers. Providing underwriter approval and agreements. Managing all escrow and trust accounts and facilitating disbursements. Providing our experts as resources for additional support when needed. Offering “pre-negotiated” agreements with industry service providers.
  • Technology
    Technology is part of our System. We provide you access to one of the industry’s most powerful and customizable workflow automation software, ResWare, which enables your business by: Automating your real estate closings which streamlines processes, enhances productivity, and reduces stress. Empowering your team to perform quickly and efficiently. Maximizing your productivity and your profits.
  • Compliance
    The TitleEase Franchise System is designed to be fully RESPA compliant and was developed in collaboration with nationally recognized compliance law firms to identify and addresses each and every detail at the state and national level. Our System has: Internal controls to identify and mitigate various layers of risk. Systematic tools to continually monitor regulatory changes. Support from our underwriters to educate and train staff on these changes.

Launch Your Title & Closing Franchise

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